A Healthy Relationship Starts in the Bedroom

finding-happiness-in-the-bedroomWe’re about all factions of health around here, which is why we also spend a great deal of time focusing on sexual health as well. While the topic can seem taboo or off-limits, we don’t believe in holding back, so we’re going to be sharing plenty of bedroom advice for you as well.

While a couple’s bedroom relationship usually starts off good, things can falter over time as some couples lose the spark that once helped keep them connected. This can lead to a variety of problems including arguments, tension, and it can even result in other problems, especially for men.

When problems begin to arise in the bedroom, a nasty side effect for men can often be erectile dysfunction, or even premature ejaculation. This often just between the ears for a guy, and can crop up as a result of the stress that has been created from other issues, but once it starts, it can be hard to get rid of! On the flip side, if you are suffering from either ED or premature ejaculation, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor to make sure they aren’t happening as a result of something worse.

Once you have a clean bill of health, and are still suffering, there are some other remedies that you try. Believe it or not, the Fleshlite can help you last longer if used right. I think it costs around $100, and can be ordered discreetly online if you want to save the embarrassment of going to a store in your town. In any case, this is just one of the many methods that men utilize for PE, and there are even some cheaper remedies out there that many guys have found quite useful, so just search around a bit if you’re looking for some remedies.

There are some other solutions to PE and ED that have been proven to work fairly well, including penis pumps, creams, breathing techniques and more. The bottom line is that you have to find the solution that is going to work for you. If you do go with a high quality penis pump, you may find that you get multiple benefits, while utilizing some of the creams or other options that are out there may be useful too.

The bottom line is that if you do end up suffering from one of these ailments, find a solution so you can move on, because as we mentioned in the headline – most adult relationships are contingent on what happens between the sheet, so make sure you have this core component of every relationship figured out. Obviously communication is key as well, along with a bunch of other factors, but if the romance is lacking, the chances of your relationship lasting long term are pretty much nill. We’ll have a ton more great advice coming in the near future, so be sure to hit us up again soon for some killer bedroom advice. In the interim here’s a vid that we hope you’ll find useful:

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Teaching College Students Healthy Eating

We know every college kid would love to eat this for every meal!
We know every college kid would love to eat this for every meal!

We try to cater to a younger audience here at Fanatical Fitness, because we want to reach people early! That’s why today’s article is going to be targeting the academics in the audience. Teaching college students healthy diet plan actually starts in your own home before the student leaves for college. Most students, and adults, learn most from role models. People learn and model those things of the people they admire and therefore are friends with. College students aren’t any different. If they come from families with healthy diet plan, then most probably they’ll begin they college career with healthy habits. It all changes though, once they start their third week of school.

By this time they’ve made new acquaintances and friends. They happen to be thrown into a strange environment and asked to complete college level work when their brains have just left senior high school. They are juggling assignment work and potentially, a part-time job. This will be challenging for an adult, and it is definitely challenging to have an 18 year-old who is most likely away from home for the first time.

the-ultimate-college-kidsUniversity students who are living in the dormitory or perhaps in an apartment share the most popular struggle of finding good choices which are cost efficient. Eating at college means little equipment, little cooking experience and little money. All this adds us to poor choices, high-fat and highly processed foods.
Cooking at college differs from cooking in your own home. First, most university students don’t know how to cook. Next, their apartment kitchens aren’t fully stocked the way in which their mother’s was. And people who stay in the dormitories must face the meals choices from the college.

There are some simple rules to follow along with for college students that will allow these phones indulge in the Friday night pizzas without gaining Ten pounds for each year they’re in college. The first rule would be to remember that food is the fuel that the body needs to keep your mind fed and energized. Without the correct foods your brain won’t hand out the answers you’ll need. The proper foods aren’t difficult to find and can be economical.

The next rule would be to remember that all work with no play leaves the school student out of shape and without energy. Our bodies thrive on exercise and a hard training program means students are stuck behind a desk all night on end. Make time for any strong workout many times a week to improve your concentration level, productivity, energy, weight loss and stress relief. Exercise can perform all that!

Next, you have to learn to listen to the body. When you are really hungry you need to eat and when you are feeling full you should stop. Remember that people eat to live and never live to eat. You also needs to know that your first sign of dehydration – before thirst – is really a feeling of being hungry. So stay fully hydrated by drinking 8 8-ounces of water every day. Be sure the drinks don’t contain caffeine, like sodas, because this will only dehydrate you. Now whenever you feel hunger you’ll be sure you really are hungry.

Let’s say you can’t find something in the dining hall that fits your needs? You can try be resourceful. Look around at what’s on offer. Maybe you can combine some chicken along with a salad or eat several salads if everything else fails.
Don’t skip meals. It might seem to be productive to operate from one class to another without stopping for any quick bite but this only leaves your mind without any energy or ‘food’. You’ll have trouble concentrating, you’ll obtain a headache or seem like you didn’t get much from your class.

Try to skip the foods that are fried, refined grains, dairy, and sweetened drinks for grilled or baked foods, whole grain products, low fat milk, baked potato/veggie or fruit. The old expression of ‘a moment about the lips, forever about the hips’ has truth into it. Those French Fries may taste great for the moment but it won’t feed your brain what it really needs to get you through college.

Keep healthy snacks inside your room for when you receive those munchies. You won’t be so lured to grab a bag of chips from the machine for those who have granola bars, popcorn, trail mix or nuts stashed within the room. If you have a fridge within the room add string cheese, yogurt, baby carrots, hummus, and flavored water seltzers.

Teaching university students healthy eating habits starts in your own home. When students begin school with a decent base they are able to maintain good habits.

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