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Standardize a critical step in the delivery of cell therapies

With a simple, reproducible and traceable process, the VIA Thaw series standardize and streamline the recovery of cryopreserved samples with a system which captures a complete, auditable thaw record.

All VIA Thaw units integrate with the my.Cryochain digital platform, to standardize and audit thawing processes from any web browser.

Automated, dry thawing with an accessible electronic record

Controlled thawing:

Protect your cell therapies by automating thawing to an exact endpoint.

Combining automation with dry conduction thawing, the VIA Thaw series enable the thaw endpoint to be precisely determined without the subjectivity commonly associated with manual methods.

Consistent results:

Standardize thawing with pre-set profiles, transmitted to all VIA Thaw units and lock to one profile for added reliability.

Thaw profiles can be customized to every cell therapy sample and synchronized to every thawer to ensure consistent sample thawing. All units have a ‘lock-down’ option to limit the operator to a single pre-set profile and minimize the risk of error.

Convenient thawing:

Eliminate water-borne contamination risks and streamline processes with dry thawing technology.

Dry thawing removes the need for time consuming contamination control procedures and labor intensive thawing processes. The simple clean VIA Thaw units are suitable for use in a cGMP compliant facility or clinical setting.

Complete visibility:

Access digital thaw records from any web browser to inform and validate thawing processes.

A digital thawing log is automatically generated by and retained on all VIA Thaw units. This record can also be reviewed instantly within my.Cryochain and annotated with comments to develop a complete, centrally held and auditable record of every step.


Designed for thawing large volume samples cryopreserved in cryo-bags, the VIA Thaw CB1000 accommodates multiple cryo-bag sizes and fill volumes. Learn more

The VIA Thaw SC2 recovers low volume samples cryopreserved in 2 mL screw cap cryo-vials. Learn more

Available to integrate with my.Cryochain

Available with my.Cryochain, a powerful research and process verification tool. Integration with this web-based platform enables thawing processes to be developed centrally, standardized between units and across sites and provides remote access to thaw records from all linked VIA Thaw units. Learn more

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The VIA Freeze range, my.Cryochain and the VIA Thaw series are not medical devices and should not be used in diagnostic processes. Drug manufacturers & clinicians are responsible for obtaining the appropriate IND/BLA/NDA approvals for clinical applications.

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