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We are always interested in helping to solve our client's most difficult problems.

We offer consultations to improve understanding of cryopreservation, freeze drying and scale control and to improve process optimisation. We also design and build bespoke equipment. We have 20 years experience working in the field of cryopreservation, in particular with problems relating to regenerative medicine, IVF, food preservation and technology development. We are actively involved in research relevant to these fields. Please see below for examples, and do not hesitate to get in touch if you think that we could help you solve your current challenges.

Sugar bloom

Asymptote has developed a solution to the manufacturing problem of sugar bloom spoiling batches of frozen cakes and doughnuts.

During long term frozen storage white specs appear on icing or within sugar-rich dough. The specs remain in the thawed product and are aesthetically displeasing and commercially very damaging. This phenomenon is distinct from sugar bloom of chocolate, which develops due to water migration in the product during ambient storage. We have carried out extensive investigations into sugar bloom and have developed a 'Sugar Bloom Control Process' which identifies the key steps in manufacturing which cause sugar bloom to occur and the changes required to remove the problem successfully:

  • Understand the specific sugar bloom challenge you are battling via telephone interviews with stakeholders.
  • Perform a visit to manufacturing site to frame the problem and to perform measurements.
  • Recommend remedial activities or suggest modifications to processing steps.
  • If necessary (based on findings) perform a further site visit to inspect remedial works and perform validation measurements.
  • Implement continuous monitoring system to act as early warning system of recurrent problem, with the aim of performing intervention before product is spoiled.

By working through this process we have extremely high success rate and have saved our previous client's significant losses in both financial and reputational terms. For further information, please contact us.

Custom equipment for large volume cryogenic processing, developed by Asymptote

Thermodynamic simulations

Asymptote has developed unique software for thermodynamic simulations of the freezing process, which takes into account the phase transformation between water and ice. This capability is not currently available in any other commercial simulation software.

Our software allows us to assess the requirements for freezing and thawing large volumes, e.g. for preservation of suspensions of cells for regenerative medicine. We have recently used this to help design equipment for preservation of a bio-artificial liver, which involves volumes of up to 2 litres.