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Asymptote is developing the first liquid nitrogen-free cryogenic cold chain. This avoids contamination issues associated with the use of liquid nitrogen and allows GMP compliance. As a result, these freezers can be used in laboratories which demand high air quality, without the risk of sample contamination.

Stirling engine powered controlled rate freezers; the VIA Freeze range is clean room compatible with magnetically mounted autoclavable sample holders. The wipe clean design has minimal dirt traps, a seamless sample area and may be cleaned using standard wipes.

The onboard secure data logging system and fully featured protocol editor offers programmable cooling protocols, user access control, data logging, process validation and report generation via the touch screen interface or secure remote access via standard web browsers.

There are three models available, all with common SBS formats, user interface and software architecture;

Over the past 15 years Asymptote has developed liquid nitrogen-free products used in creating significant advances in disciplines ranging from cell therapy to the food and pharmaceutical industries.